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Here you will find what defines each and every one of those who work in Simplicity. If you can relate with our values, and would like to be a part of our team in the future, please send us an e-mail with your CV to yoquieroser@simplicity.cl


Believes in simple


“Is not complicated, but direct and straightforward, with the ability to focus on what really matters. Cuts to the chase: explain it simple and understand it fast”

Is detailed oriented


“Focuses on details, and embraces excellence. The statement is: ‘This product does not leave the office unless it is perfect.’ Knows the devil is on the details. Takes pride on a job well done and cannot stand mediocrity”

Seeks different views for better results


“Takes advantage of the diversity of talents and services in Simplicity to get the best results. Never loses sight of the ultimate goal, nor the ethics required for the job”

Knows that the best ideas are out there


Creativity is a must. Is aware of what is happening in Chile and abroad, manages the latest trends and remains well informed. Does not settle with the basic information, and always goes beyond”

Is passionate about challenges


“A new client is a new adventure. It is not more work, is an opportunity to excel and have fun. Leaves everything on the field and vibrates with what is done”

Differences make us better


“Embraces diversity, and acknowledges it as an opportunity to do a better job and grow personally. Takes care of the teammates, convinced that there is strength in numbers, and is proud to work in Simplicity. Is not individuals, but a team player”

Has clients – but advises people


“Builds trust based on honesty, transparency, confidentiality, professionalism and empathy. Accountable for our clients”

Works without borders


“Is open-minded: no limitations or prejudices. Everything can be done because nothing is impossible. Is proactive. Does not think out of the box, because… because there is no box”

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